How to use it?

As a quick way to use Composer, the Base Distribution can be downloaded. It is assuming you have Composer already installed on your system. Detailed informations are available in the TYPO3 Documentation.

For an easy customized setup of the core extensions for your project's composer.json, use the TYPO3 Composer Helper.

It is recommended to include extensions directly from Packagist instead of using the TYPO3 Composer Repository. For example, better require georgringer/news than typo3-ter/news, if you want the News extension in your Composer installation.

Add composer.json to your extensions

It is encouraged to add your own composer.json file in your extension to be on the good side, as TYPO3 CMS will rely more and more on Composer to handle dependencies. The file must be placed at the root of your extension, follow the instructions of the TYPO3 Documentation.

Once you added a composer.json file, it is highly recommended to register your extensions on Packagist.