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Current Versions

TYPO3 13 next-gen*

* recommended for new projects

We support each TYPO3 sprint release until the next minor version is published. Once released in October 2024, the long-term support version of TYPO3 13 will receive bug fixes until April 2026, and we will provide security updates until October 2027.

We encourage users and agencies to install and use the sprint releases until the LTS release is available. Further details about the releases and planned release dates are available in the roadmap.

  • Frontend rendering presets
  • Content blocks
  • Improved search, redirects and workspaces
  • Simplified external system integration
  • Top-modern image rendering

TYPO3 12 LTS stable*

* use for existing projects

This is the stable version with long-term support (LTS). We provide free maintenance bug fixes until October 2024 and security updates until April 2026.

  • Increased performance
  • Improved backend usability
  • Top-modern dependent libraries (CKEditor v5, Symfony v6, Doctrine v3)
  • And many improvements for developers

TYPO3 11 LTS old stable*

* use for existing projects

This is the old stable version with long-term support (LTS). We provide free security updates until October 2024.

  • Unified editor experience
  • Advanced Filelist module
  • Sharable deep links in the TYPO3 backend
  • Improved collaboration and workflow features
  • Flexible and secure multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • And many improvements for developers

Past Versions with Extended Long Term Support

With TYPO3 CMS, you made the right choice. Now benefit from a total of 6 years of support per version.

3 years of free support by the TYPO3 core team and the community.
3 further years of vendor support with ELTS by TYPO3 GmbH.



Extended Long Term Support prolongs security and compliance support for your expired LTS version, and keeps you legally compliant and up-to-date. ELTS support runs for a total of 3 years per version, starting seamlessly on the day official community support for a given LTS version ends.

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Install a complete Apache / MySQL / PHP environment with a TYPO3 package remotely as a SAAS / cloud based infrastructures to get started as quick as possible.


Ready-to-use machine images with TYPO3 pre-installed and pre-configured. A "root" login via SSH and an administrator account to the TYPO3 backend allow unrestricted access to the server and TYPO3. All current TYPO3 LTS-releases are available.

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