TYPO3 9 LTS (9.5.14)

The stable LTS release (for new projects)


Release Information

The latest version with Long Term Support (LTS). It will have full support until March 2020 and security bugfixes until September 2021.


composer create-project "typo3/cms-base-distribution:^9.5" my-new-project

If you are experienced with composer you can create your own composer.json and select the needed packages of TYPO3 via this helper: Composer Helper

Using wget
wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/9.5.14
Using cURL (e.g., when wget fails with SSL error)
curl -L -o typo3_src.tgz https://get.typo3.org/9.5.14

In case you are encountering SSL warnings (host name mismatch), please make sure that you are using a client that supports Server Name Indication (SNI). This especially affects old versions of wget (before version 1.14).

System Requirements

For the full list of system requirements as well as installation instructions see the Installation guide

Operating System Linux, Windows or Mac, or common cloud infrastructure setups
Webserver Apache httpd, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Caddy Server
Database PostgreSQL
Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL >= 5 <= 5.7
MariaDB >= 10 <= 10.3
Hardware RAM >= 256 MB
Supported Browsers Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Safari (latest)
Edge (latest)
Internet Explorer >= 11
PHP PHP >= 7.2 <= 7.4

Package Signatures - Verifying integrity of releases

TYPO3 Release Packages (the downloadable tarballs and zip files) as well as Git tags are signed using PGP signatures since TYPO3 v7 during the automated release process. Besides that, MD5 and SHA2-256 hashes are being generated for these files. Find more details on verifying signatures and hashes in the infrastructure guide.

Checksums of TYPO3 9.5.14


9487ce70160037664c3a67333b840cae86fd5093198d18dfdd29e03e75a01858 typo3_src-9.5.14.tar.gz
dc478351ea1c9e0f9f3b82a1343a0938a6c4a35578dc67a2c06c4c10a0c3d0c2 typo3_src-9.5.14.zip


b604121ede9cf3ab641051a7676753c111e543df typo3_src-9.5.14.tar.gz
3b8831a5b7902b135c2ea59d4d443589f2ad2af8 typo3_src-9.5.14.zip


3244bb91289da9feb59453441d182842 typo3_src-9.5.14.tar.gz
b7c8da43d8f6fa8a09208066a8cf0d0a typo3_src-9.5.14.zip