TYPO3 3.8.1

Release Notes

Version 3.8.1

This version is not supported anymore.

The TYPO3 CMS community supported from 2005-11-14 until 2009-07-03. Please consider updating to a newer version.


This page contains all important 3.8.1 specific information.

Trouble with showpic.php

Important notice for all sites that use click-enlarge image popups: Because of a change in showpic.php, all temporary images need to be cleared. You will need to delete all files inside typo3temp/ after the upgrade, otherwise you will get a “wrong parameters” error in the popup window.

Using config.baseURL

In previous versions it was possible to set “config.baseURL = 1” so the <base href=“...”> tag was set automatically. Due to security issues this behaviour is disabled since version 3.8.1. Setting config.baseURL to a correct URL is absolutely necessary now to make relative links work. If you have used this feature to serve content for different domains it's possible to use conditions instead.


config.baseURL = my.domain.tld\ [globalString = ENV:HTTP_HOST=sub1.domain.tld]\ config.baseURL = http://sub1.domain.tld/\ [global]\ [globalString = ENV:HTTP_HOST=sub2.domain.tld]\ config.baseURL = http://sub2.domain.tld/\ [global]