TYPO3 4.4.2

Release Notes

Version 4.4.2

This version is not supported anymore.

The TYPO3 CMS community supported from 2010-06-22 until 2011-02-02. Please consider updating to a newer version.

Release Notes for TYPO3 4.4.2

This document contains information about TYPO3 version 4.4.2 which was released on August 6, 2010.


This release is a bugfix release that aims to fix the regressions that have been introduced with the latest security updates.


This version is a maintenance release and contains bugfixes only. Since the latest security releases contained regressions and some features were not usable anymore, this new release aims to be a stable package again.



MD5 checksums

bebe51a327a97c6990416e62cb706fb8  dummy-4.4.2.tar.gz
c441425107d5f0eb9fa86b07a23d8438  dummy-4.4.2.zip
122f5ad6df04ded73f655503b63daa73  typo3_src-4.4.2.tar.gz
afb72fd27a79af73059bf540d93a3910  typo3_src-4.4.2.zip
bb661a93995159e3f23b609dd8dc5525  typo3_src+dummy-4.4.2.zip
c6f39747218b0a72b5ce7e4145a6955d  introductionpackage-4.4.2.zip


The usual upgrading procedure applies; no database updates are necessary.


2010-08-06  Benjamin Mack  &lt;benni@typo3.org&gt;

    * Release of TYPO3 4.4.2

2010-08-05  Stanislas Rolland  &lt;typo3@sjbr.ca&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15355: htmlArea RTE: Using the advanded frontend editing, the editor is not loaded in the text tab

2010-08-05  Steffen Kamper  &lt;steffen@typo3.org&gt;

    * Fixed bug #12646: Click on icon does not open/close sections

2010-08-05  Steffen Gebert  &lt;steffen@steffen-gebert.de&gt;

    * Fixed bug #14773: Styling issue when selecting position of new created page

2010-08-05  Oliver Hader  &lt;oliver@typo3.org&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15343: dbClientCompress crashes with pconnect
    * Fixed bug #15280: felogin redirect doesn&#039;t work anymore after update to latest releases (4.2x - 4.4.x) (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
    * Fixed bug #15282: It is impossible to set links to files any more with the link wizard
    * Fixed bug #15336: sys_actions shows wrong error if an &quot;Record List&quot; action is not propertly configured (thanks to Stefan Galinski)

2010-08-03  Susanne Moog  &lt;typo3@susanne-moog.de&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15313: Link to deprecation logfile doesn&#039;t work in installations inside a subdirectory (thanks to Stefan Galinski)

2010-08-03  Oliver Hader  &lt;oliver@typo3.org&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15265: InstallTool-login not possible after Update to 4.4.1 due to session_start() in extensions (thanks to Ernesto Baschny and Helmut Hummel)

2010-08-02  Oliver Hader  &lt;oliver@typo3.org&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15289: Element-Browser page tree has HSC&#039;ed &lt;span&gt; elements

2010-08-01  Oliver Hader  &lt;oliver@typo3.org&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15321: Unused variable $warningItems in tx_install (thanks to Markus Klein)

2010-08-01  Susanne Moog  &lt;typo3@susanne-moog.de&gt;

    * Fixed bug #15292: Fatal error in DB browser because of wrong sprite API usage (thanks to Alexandre Gravel-Raymond)

2010-07-30  Steffen Kamper  &lt;steffen@typo3.org&gt;

    * Follow-up to bug #15188: Remove default greyed out effect for CEs (Thanks to Steffen Gebert)
    * Fixed bug #15295: Page treeFilter not re-applied after branch toggling (Thanks to Felix Kopp)

2010-07-29  Dmitry Dulepov  &lt;dmitry@typo3.org&gt;

    * Fixed bug #13427: t3lib_div::cleanOutputBuffers() might loop forever (thanks to Stephan Seitz and Steffen Gebert)