TYPO3 6.2.15

Release Notes

Version 6.2.15

This version is not supported anymore.

The TYPO3 CMS community supported from 2014-03-25 until 2017-04-04. Extended security & compatibility support (ELTS) expired on 2021-03-31.

Please consider updating to a newer version.

Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 6.2.15

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 6.2.15 which was released on September 8th, 2015.


This release is a combined bug fix and security release.


Find more details in the security bulletins:



MD5 checksums

1c690cc7f53c56c0f02e262de52b6cae  typo3_src-6.2.15.tar.gz
4fd21aca2a04b0e4e7ddb4e473443090  typo3_src-6.2.15.zip


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.\ It might be required to clear all caches; the “important actions” section in the TYPO3 Install Tool offers the accordant possibility to do so.


Here is a list of what was fixed since [6.2.14](TYPO3_CMS_6.2.14 "wikilink"):

2015-09-08  edc4d53                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.2.15 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2015-09-08  f6d8d3d  #68825          [SECURITY] Fix GeneralUtility::sanitizeLocalUrl to detect foreign schemes (Nicole Cordes)
2015-09-08  ed1e46f  #67900          [SECURITY] Prevent information disclosure in tests bootstrap (Nicole Cordes)
2015-09-07  045b4ea  #69001,#69289   [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Reestablish DB connection in long-running tasks (Markus Klein)
2015-09-07  9b9e1ee  #69584          [TASK] Remove wrong datasets in sanitizeLocalUrlValidPathsDataProvider (Nicole Cordes)
2015-09-06  095b781  #67881          [BUGFIX] Cache CategoryRegistry state together with TCA (Alexander Stehlik)
2015-09-05  159bccc  #69303          [BUGFIX] Prevent search upload folder in write protected storages (Nicole Cordes)
2015-09-05  0baa6ff  #69537          [BUGFIX] BackendUtility::getAjaxUrl() should not be internal (Francois Suter)
2015-09-04  3189b03  #65867          [BUGFIX] Support packages depending on typo3/cms (Mathias Brodala)
2015-09-04  46a6bb8  #69063          [BUGFIX] Enable page tree filter for admin with mountpoints (Nicole Cordes)
2015-09-03  2e29879                  Revert &quot;[BUGFIX] Fix broken link to security resources page on typo3.org&quot; (Helmut Hummel)
2015-09-03  7774a08  #69475          [BUGFIX] Streamline Unit Tests for GeneralUtility::sanitizeLocalUrl (Nicole Cordes)
2015-09-02  5bf0cf8  #69463          [BUGFIX] Abstract XSD generator can handle more than two namespace parts (Helmut Hummel)
2015-08-31  b463428  #69434          [TASK] Do not set application context by default in htaccess (Harry Glatz)
2015-08-30  fc81bed  #60995          [BUGFIX] Use single postProcessor layout, otherwise the global layout (Ralf Zimmermann)
2015-08-30  9d03281  #69407          [TASK] Refactor PostProcessorTest to use Prophecy (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-30  e2e7e24  #69412          [TASK] Remove eval() in ext:form Unit Tests (Wouter Wolters)
2015-08-29  d3927c8  #69398          [BUGFIX] Add icon for the form wizard number spinner elements (Björn Jacob)
2015-08-29  efe2713  #69399          [BUGFIX] Fatal Error due to class object inconsistencies in ext:form (Oliver Hader)
2015-08-29  3e00f81  #69408          [FOLLOWUP][TASK] Add unit test for fatal error on null object method call (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-29  e9b80b4  #69405          [TASK] Add unit test for fatal error on null object method call (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-29  fd34498  #69400          [BUGFIX] Fix broken link to security resources page on typo3.org (Wouter Wolters)
2015-08-29  a9bb94a  #45685          [BUGFIX] avoid Call to a member function getValue() on a non-object (Ralf Zimmermann)
2015-08-28  4d7150b  #69239          [TASK] Use https for links to docs.typo3.org (Georg Ringer)
2015-08-28  e3bdabe  #69024          [BUGFIX] Form NumberFields ignore typed values in wizard (Sebastian Wagner)
2015-08-28  3117ea9  #69372          [BUGFIX] IMAGEBUTTON src attribute not working (Ralf Zimmermann)
2015-08-27  17b0d94  #69353          [BUGFIX] Form Wizard does not respect backend debug mode (Oliver Hader)
2015-08-25  6579969  #69138          [BUGFIX] Always use uc_default after first install (Jigal van Hemert)
2015-08-25  136a75d  #69306          [BUGFIX] Correctly assign workspace for rootline retrieval (Markus Klein)
2015-08-25  dcac800  #69302          [BUGFIX] Fix task execution in Scheduler (Francois Suter)
2015-08-22  1013549  #69170          [BUGFIX] Replace ###ID### in openCustomUrlInContentFrame correctly (Christian Seifert)
2015-08-22  3561c77  #45519,#31718   [BUGFIX] Assure a backend domain is set in workspace preview (Daniel Goerz)
2015-08-22  a85992c  #69236          [BUGFIX] Don&#039;t cut off icons in New Record wizard (Andreas Fernandez)
2015-08-21  9b4ee63  #59810          [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Show first tab in Element Wizard as fallback (Markus Klein)
2015-08-21  21c21b5  #59810          [BUGFIX] Show first tab in Element Wizard as fallback (Christian Seifert)
2015-08-20  8f8ea43  #67246          [BUGFIX] Cache healing for classes loaded via ext_autoload (Bernhard Kraft)
2015-08-20  793ed14  #69112          [BUGFIX] FAL upgrade wizard: take care of files in subfolders (Josef Glatz)
2015-08-20  61b3b3a  #67843          [BUGFIX] Fix QueryBuilding in IndexSearchRepository (Marc Neuhaus)
2015-08-19  58624b4  #69157          [BUGFIX] Log exception as array instead of serialized (Stephan Großberndt)
2015-08-18  2f4f1b3  #68643          [BUGFIX] Exclude computed field names on fetching record overlays (Albrecht Köhnlein)
2015-08-18  971e193  #65513          [BUGFIX] Assure language override without original file (Stefan Galinski)
2015-08-17  67535f3  #55861,#55837,  [BUGFIX] Extbase: Optional arguments must not throw an Exception (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-17  42c4f43  #69001          [BUGFIX] Reestablish DB connection in long-running tasks (Stefan Neufeind)
2015-08-16  7ac4737  #59528          [BUGFIX] Prevent error if getimagesize() fails (Stefan Neufeind)
2015-08-16  891ddd2  #69070          [BUGFIX] Fix dependencies for t3x upload (Helmut Hummel)
2015-08-16  0a6948c  #69061          [TASK] Properly encode database input in the right place (Helmut Hummel)
2015-08-16  4e1e07f  #69092          [BUGFIX] Remove trailing colons from checkbox labels (Daniel Goerz)
2015-08-15  ec1499e  #68400          [BUGFIX] Add encodeURIComponent to search parameter (Stephan Großberndt)
2015-08-15  1d20317  #69056          [BUGFIX] Illegal string offset &#039;currentLangId&#039; in DataHandler (Joerg Kummer)
2015-08-15  af36619  #68503          [BUGFIX] Fix PHP Warning in updateRefIndexTable() (Stephan Großberndt)
2015-08-15  cc27516  #68493          [BUGFIX] Retrieve correct fieldname for condition lookup (Benjamin Serfhos)
2015-08-15  a1238a7  #53002          [BUGFIX] Calculations in GIFBUILDER properties using stdWrap fail (Dan Untenzu)
2015-08-14  4052042  #64214          [BUGFIX] Prevent ResourceDoesNotExistException (Andre Hähnel)
2015-08-14  67053c9  #69040          [BUGFIX] EM: Trim whitespace in search field (Alexander Opitz)
2015-08-14  170283b  #67962          [BUGFIX] Make editIconsHook work again (Nicole Cordes)
2015-08-13  39b4993  #66939          [BUGFIX] Allow subclasses of \DateTime as entity properties (Stephan Schuler)
2015-08-13  1c99223  #33436          [BUGFIX] Draft usergroup access rights are now respected (Bart Dubelaar)
2015-08-13  8bcc769  #54924          [BUGFIX] Edits disappear when published twice (Stefan Rotsch)
2015-08-13  0fe4901  #69027          [BUGFIX] Use proper data sets in workspaces tests (Oliver Hader)
2015-08-13  eeaa0b7  #62340          [BUGFIX] Fix wrong comment in install tool for [HTTP][proxy_host] (Frank Nägler)
2015-08-13  fd87254  #68494          [BUGFIX] Fix faulty move-placeholder processing with workspaces (Artur Cichosz)
2015-08-13  247d6d4  #64714          [BUGFIX] Catch exceptions for inaccessible storages (Philipp Gampe)
2015-08-12  1f32468  #66624          [BUGFIX] Catch exception when linked file is deleted (Benjamin Mack)
2015-08-12  c69cc2d  #51913          [BUGFIX] Consider placeholders in fixVersioningPid (Timo Webler)
2015-08-12  0878494  #67284          [BUGFIX] Capability check fails for some storage types (Benjamin Mack)
2015-08-10  5ddf0b0  #67145          [BUGFIX] Set background for disabled input fields (Andreas Fernandez)
2015-08-09  e0f72af  #68873          [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Provide title label for paste into column (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-09  9a436a6                  Revert &quot;[BUGFIX] Fix broken functional tests&quot; (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-09  e65f253  #68882          [BUGFIX] Fix broken functional tests (Anja Leichsenring)
2015-08-09  911fc3d  #68873          [BUGFIX] Provide title label for paste into column (Daniel Goerz)
2015-08-08  0f30972  #20852,#12970   [BUGFIX] Workspace preview links for multiple languages (Stefan Rotsch)
2015-08-07  3c47aae  #68734          [TASK] Document required MySQL privileges (Morton Jonuschat)
2015-08-07  b6aa7ab  #68386          [BUGFIX] Skip write access check if core files exist (Frederic Gaus)
2015-08-07  73304d5  #68068          [BUGFIX] Remove php warning for RTE classes without name (Manuel Selbach)
2015-08-07  b1059c9  #68810          [BUGFIX] Change value from NULL to empty string for link field in test data (Marc Bastian Heinrichs)
2015-08-06  dcf774c  #37952          [BUGFIX] Clear affected caches on page publishing (Bart Dubelaar)
2015-08-05  348039c  #68769          [BUGFIX] Typo in neg_foreign_table in DataPreprocessor (Andreas Wolf)
2015-08-04  738861b  #68718          [BUGFIX] Do not turn TYPO3 Logo upside down on error pages (Benjamin Mack)
2015-07-30  374940e  #68626          [TASK] Disallow access to vcs directories (Philipp Gampe)
2015-07-30  51539dd  #68642          [BUGFIX] Call fixPermissions after replaceFile (Frans Saris)
2015-07-30  931f8ad  #68624          [BUGFIX] Invalid handling of &quot;mergeIfNotBlank&quot; in backend (Christian Kuhn)
2015-07-30  dc061b0  #68636          [BUGFIX] Don&#039;t use FAL based ImageViewHelper in extension manager (Frans Saris)
2015-07-29  ce72378  #67092          [BUGFIX] Rename setLocale() in DateTimeViewHelperTest (Andreas Fernandez)
2015-07-29  f318050  #66702          [BUGFIX] Fixed permissions of media field in page properties (Michael Oehlhof)
2015-07-27  3aa9e2f  #67752          [BUGFIX] Show pages with &quot;show at any login&quot; in view module (Daniel Goerz)
2015-07-26  c54c37d  #68540          [BUGFIX] Invalid links to documentation (Xavier Perseguers)
2015-07-22  a780e46  #67155,#67172,  [BUGFIX] dbal: Cast field to CHAR for FIND_IN_SET() (Morton Jonuschat)
2015-07-22  59dbf92  #68430          [BUGFIX] Use correct extension name for labels in indexed search (Markus Klein)
2015-07-22  c46ea06  #68153          [BUGFIX] Fix image descriptions for renderMethod = table (Torben Hansen)
2015-07-21  4b6dc6b  #68423          [BUGFIX] Use parse_url to determine absolute urls in ImageService (Frans Saris)
2015-07-21  7374c3a  #60254          [BUGFIX] Allow editing of shortcuts for non-admin users (Markus Klein)
2015-07-21  a8d0135  #22871,#50144   [BUGFIX] HTMLParser doesn&#039;t remove endtag when applying rmTagIfNoAttrib (Alexander Stehlik)
2015-07-20  dae171d  #65772          [BUGFIX] includeCSS is not compressed and concatenated (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2015-07-20  aa1f2d1  #68361          [BUGFIX] Implement EXT: usage in addModulePath (Michael Oehlhof)
2015-07-20  1edba95  #68341          [BUGFIX] Implement EXT: usage in addModule (Wouter Wolters)
2015-07-20  42d9e7f  #68364          [BUGFIX] Reuse local mirror.xml.gz when updating translations (Xavier Perseguers)
2015-07-20  6bb017d  #50141          [BUGFIX] felogin: Invalid action url in changePassword form (Stano Paška)
2015-07-19  5b631c6  #55714          [BUGFIX] Invalid sys file storages must be ignored (Georg Ringer)
2015-07-18  3ed2106  #33092          [BUGFIX] Checkbox values not shown in emails (Sebastian Müller)
2015-07-18  09355d1  #68324          [TASK] Clarify install tool no-password-set message (Andreas Wolf)
2015-07-18  f2c8ada  #39290          [BUGFIX] Fix double encoded link text (Gordon Brüggemann)
2015-07-17  b4f6eba  #60979          [BUGFIX] Remove PHP notice in getModuleData() (Benjamin Mack)
2015-07-17  272daa3  #68205          [BUGFIX] OpenID service uses incorrect priorities to check returned data (Dmitry Dulepov)
2015-07-17  c45de67  #50349,#66231   [FOLLOWUP][TASK] Reduce SQL queries of page tree in workspaces (Nicole Cordes)
2015-07-16  ba4ca31  #68220          [BUGFIX] Do not log out a logged out user (Helmut Hummel)
2015-07-16  0fa28d5  #66693,#56641   [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Check access to folder in FileListController (Christian Kuhn)
2015-07-16  d2c4bbb  #50349,#66231   [TASK] Reduce SQL queries of page tree in workspaces (Nicole Cordes)
2015-07-16  57ba6d3  #66693,#56641   [BUGFIX] Check access to folder in FileListController (Nicole Cordes)
2015-07-15  69438f5  #67643          [BUGFIX] Ensure filemount path has trailing slash after upgrade (Nicole Cordes)
2015-07-15  8c5a3b7  #66605          [BUGFIX] Respect cached page config (Andreas Fernandez)
2015-07-15  40df0e6  #54922          [BUGFIX] Workspace grid remains empty due to AJAX timeout (Stefan Rotsch)
2015-07-14  1ff0f9c  #65699          [BUGFIX] Hide preview link on delete page in workspaces mode (Oliver Hader)
2015-07-14  19f10f4  #68132          [BUGFIX] Fix parseUserFuncArguments to respect 0 as argument (Sascha Egerer)
2015-07-14  21a105e  #60926          [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Workspaces: Properly use slots to modify data (Benjamin Mack)
2015-07-14  a1e8db1  #60926          [BUGFIX] Workspaces: Properly use slots to modify data (Oliver Hader)
2015-07-14  2cb83f3  #68086          [BUGFIX] Fix invalid HTML in ElementBrowser (Markus Klein)
2015-07-13  d49d6e0  #67898          [TASK] Show uncaught errors in Extension Manager (Andreas Fernandez)
2015-07-13  b438ca6  #34820,#36542,  [BUGFIX] Double protocol when using TCEMAIN.previewDomain (Wouter Wolters)
2015-07-13  45d6ac3  #65702          [BUGFIX] Wrong directory path checked while unzipping extension (Wouter Wolters)
2015-07-13  e0b9d45  #68061          [BUGFIX] Ensure PageRenderer singleton is set (Helmut Hummel)
2015-07-10  dbdff8e  #55396          [BUGFIX] Add a dummy distinguished name to CSR generation (Alexander Krist)
2015-07-09  36539f1  #67067          [BUGFIX] dbal: make admin_get_tables() return correct table information (Morton Jonuschat)
2015-07-06  2d7eca6  #67874          [BUGFIX] keep options array for TableGarbageCollectionTask (Daniel Neugebauer)
2015-07-06  8a44fb0  #47359          [BUGFIX] Prevent exclude field mixup in FormEngine (Alexander Stehlik)
2015-07-06  1e691dc  #67922          [BUGFIX] Remove wrong RewriteBase in _.htaccess (Markus Klein)
2015-07-06  e9951e3  #65066          [BUGFIX] Clear opcode cache on extension install/update (Alexander Opitz)
2015-07-03  aaf2ca5  #67897          [BUGFIX] No exceptions in GeneralUtility::rmdir (Alexander Opitz)
2015-07-02  edf1c78  #23078,#66235   [TASK] Improve .htaccess files (Andreas Fernandez)
2015-07-01  7809374  #60338          [BUGFIX] Respect format when rendering partial (Mathias Brodala)
2015-07-01  03b5260  #67227          [TASK] Raise severity for stale lock file (Bernhard Kraft)
2015-07-01  af7fad3                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.2.15-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)