TYPO3 6.2.51 ELTS

Release Notes

Version 6.2.51 ELTS

This version is not supported anymore.

The TYPO3 CMS community supported from 2014-03-25 until 2017-04-04. Extended security & compatibility support (ELTS) expired on 2021-03-31.

Please consider updating to a newer version.

Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 6.2.51

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 6.2.51 which was released on 07.07.2020.

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This is TYPO3 CMS ELTS Release of version 6.2.51

Checksums of TYPO3 6.2.51


14eaca768bbe160d7e388b457059add1bb03041311956d1077f6437618b11f74 typo3_src-6.2.51.tar.gz
d43a33713dce5950e7c760dcdfbd11f37c471bf112d54d6f1dda13b3da28ba00 typo3_src-6.2.51.zip


c9169d07bbf01d5724c1a5e174a86847 typo3_src-6.2.51.tar.gz
cff738e531f80d7b32af90d5fb7b3efd typo3_src-6.2.51.zip


  • 2020-07-07 0921d20c4 Release version 6.2.51
  • 2020-05-22 eb9613232 [BUGFIX] Remove BlockSerializationTrait from AbstractWriter