TYPO3 8.7.2

Release Notes

Version 8.7.2

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Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 8.7.2

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 8.7.2 which was released on June 20th, 2017.


This version is a maintenance release and contains bug fixes only.



MD5 checksums

084a336f7651671774d71ecd5ce298a6  typo3_src-8.7.2.tar.gz
d05ecf8560044a9246c46c92958b198d  typo3_src-8.7.2.zip

SHA256 checksums

e1afbfcc97f60b201d2de334f5d5f9ad523543338891ec1ba1c2f1df5958d97f  typo3_src-8.7.2.tar.gz
a3eb2e7898ddeed8f3e65f672b10c9bee10deb9ecf2cc7512b062a506784f497  typo3_src-8.7.2.zip


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.\ It might be required to clear all caches; the “important actions” section in the TYPO3 Install Tool offers the accordant possibility to do so.

If your frontend output turned white after upgrading, please check your TypoScript for “config.metaCharset = UTF-8” and simply remove it, as it is unneeded and incompatible with newer charset conversions.

Make sure to clear your browser caches and App Data after upgrading.


Here is a list of what was fixed since [8.7.1](TYPO3_CMS_8.7.1 "wikilink"):

e05c6943b1 [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 8.7.2
36d5d33610 [CLEANUP] Wrap doesRecordExist in new method
f470b880f3 [BUGFIX] Ensure links with ampersands are HSC-decoded
b943b0218c [TASK] Cache results in doesRecordExist_pageLookUp
59cca01079 [BUGFIX] Prevent uncaught exception in Import/Export controller
a26c128af0 [BUGFIX] Populate loaded commands after ext_tables is loaded
109e0c0255 [BUGFIX] Skip quoted fields in insertData
6e38042819 [BUGFIX] Select suitable distribution version in em
823fb1b776 [BUGFIX] Avoid redundant SQL queries in ReferenceIndex
5ec48ab302 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong parameter type
957f4a5268 [BUGFIX] FormEngine creating section container in new record
5b0e5eb35c [BUGFIX] rte_ckeditor triggers has-change on change
c5495f1582 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Use mb_* methods directly instead of CharsetConverter
f2b3579021 [BUGFIX] Use the correct named parameter type in Extbase queries
d6061a12af [BUGFIX] Fix DB error handling in FrontendUserImageUpdateWizard
3d29a6871a [BUGFIX] Respect selected page in recursive record list search
12d2f17b73 [BUGFIX] Remove superfluous extbase TS option
9501d39acc [BUGFIX] Streamline bool arguments throughout the core
ddb6f31843 [BUGFIX] AdminPanel: Change fields for simulate time
68968215bb [BUGFIX] Add missing format.case capitalWords mode
a189a328a7 [BUGFIX] Use mb_* methods directly instead of CharsetConverter
01742278f4 [BUGFIX] Extbase: Remove invalid class ObjectManagerException
033cb4693c [BUGFIX] Include RSA JS in FE with relative URL
562e3b3c8b [BUGFIX] Better documentation of cObject viewhelper
73f173e78c [BUGFIX] Linkvalidator: Links (from rte) not detected correctly
9938f72f5e [BUGFIX] Fix wrong markup of download icon in extension manager
e8f7fab051 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Allow processing of multiple new record localizations
b2f6aa31a6 [BUGFIX] Check for enabled devlog inside devLog()
b1633c4bca [BUGFIX] Allow processing of multiple new record localizations
51d227a2d8 [BUGFIX] Remove manually set database row
5ea700fa83 [BUGFIX] Correct overflow behavior for iframes in modal windows
35713dc745 [BUGFIX] Throw proper exception when parsing Yaml files
de0b58ea9c [TASK] Update CKEDITOR to 4.7.0
3457516d0f [BUGFIX] Prefix single digit dates with 0 instead of whitespace
11f1e03d4a [BUGFIX] Allow RTE yml presets in LocalConfiguration
3f5fe64e7c [TASK] change intval() to (int)
e198de2d27 [TASK] Register stylesSet in Editor/Base.yaml
22f98068bc [TASK] Add alias for grunt tasks
994418b1ad [TASK] Remove CSH of ancient form wizard
4bd8dc3e7d [BUGFIX] Remove double escaping in warning in DatabaseRecordList
1065c8ea5c [BUGFIX] Limit shown user groups in the permission module
1022875b6b [BUGFIX] Make date/time fields working again
c17ebb9cb2 [BUGFIX] Default value for native datetime fields must not be 0
89398de9c1 [BUGFIX] Dim not selected crop area again
2d99d6cec4 [BUGFIX] mssql: ext:impexp test fixes
a116b0bc87 [BUGFIX] mssql: Proper types inserting / updating rows
2259d79dcf [BUGFIX] mssql: ExpressionBuilder inSet() support
f8b4a74078 [BUGFIX] Use correct database connection for table in ReferenceIndex
c82cb57bf0 [BUGFIX] FormEngine: Show correct error message (render)Type is unknown
a25e353ac8 [BUGFIX] Prevent exception in ImageCropUpdater
f458ae2eb3 [TASK] Add sitemap to sysext:core/Documentation
7d9235869e [BUGFIX] Use correct variable when throwing exception in PageRepository
acabe032d2 [TASK] Avoid overflow of page titles in several tables
1d7b1f4e87 [TASK] Restructure position of help icons in &#039;Pagetree overview&#039;
790f148e3e [BUGFIX] mssql: Identifier quoting and return types
3e59b1400a [BUGFIX] Fix getTemplatePathAndFilename on StandaloneView
399962ef58 [BUGFIX] Fix height of the modal content
87e688ad6e [BUGFIX] Make TemplatePaths-&gt;fillDefaultsByPackageName sort paths
bf07032d60 [TASK] Prevent thumbnail generation for non image files
254d121a06 [TASK] mssql: A series of functional test fixes
b04652ba2e [TASK] Remove bower and update Gruntfile.js
88c9199fa6 [TASK] Move bower dependencies to npm
3e8554d424 [TASK] Resolve grunt build errors
7b4099f4f0 [BUGFIX] Hide empty descriptions in textmedia in page module
3461179f75 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Exchange flag icons from SVG to PNG
2e53107188 [BUGFIX] DocumentEditController save with translation broken
ad3199e50a [TASK] Show hidden sub group items in be_groups records
3934fea624 [BUGFIX] Prohibit editing of uneditable labels in pagetree
0d8e1123a1 [BUGFIX] Avoid jumping of form fields on focus
7750184410 [BUGFIX] CSH on popup window - more link leads to non-existent page
7ac1c50813 [TASK] Add type hints and fix PHPDoc in extbase DataMapFactory
ac29453edd [TASK] Move jquery to npm
f21bc537bd [TASK] Use reference for label &#039;bodytext&#039; in CType &#039;textpic&#039;
58925ce85d [TASK] npm script for grunt css build
801329b55b [TASK] Raise styleguide to 8.0.12
aae03d2c6d [TASK] Add visual difference for elapsed endtime
6f28c1c339 [TASK] Update TYPO3 Icons and add to icon registry
8b17b660a5 [TASK] Update display of table in log module
35857d5ae1 [TASK] Disable a series of functional tests with mssql
61a7ff92aa [BUGFIX] Editing all records after deleting one throws exception
630f174e9d [TASK] Raise testing-framework to 1.0.7
d224280821 [BUGFIX] Do not show hidden tables in LiveSearch
f8eead59ad [BUGFIX] Remove disabled button in inline records
15e70259c3 [BUGFIX] Add background-color to Link Wizard Attribute Container
80772e80bc [BUGFIX] Fixed broken links in file reference list
f7e8b9f05a [BUGFIX] Use Fluid standalone TagBuilder object
6c6d190297 [BUGFIX] Raise required PCRE version
201c2bb4e7 [BUGFIX] Avoid jumping of form fields on focus
a9b4222477 [TASK] SystemInformationMenu: Automatically refresh counter badge
5089f7083a [TASK] Change order of preferred extension icons
45a068942f [BUGFIX] Exchange flag icons from SVG to PNG
ad3d3c8907 [BUGFIX] Avoid unnecessarily fetching file for processing
4f936c9cd5 Revert &quot;[BUGFIX] Avoid duplicates if ReferenceIndex is unable to finish&quot;
71c44e6799 [TASK] Combine lint task for ci integration and correct code violations
6bdce9f425 [BUGFIX] Module menu clicks with slow connections opens standalone module
060e9d08f1 [TASK] Require bower and have node build scripts
6755c81328 [TASK] Add NPM package lock file
5d2e37ee1a [BUGFIX] trigger Backend.doLayout() on window resize
c4dec608e0 [TASK] Functionals: Rename &quot;@group mysql&quot; to &quot;@group not-postgres&quot;
59cab34d5d [CLEANUP] Reduce cache gets in MarkerBasedTemplateService
afadfd24fd [TASK] Refactor ext:impexp functional tests
fbb9b60fcb [TASK] Fix typos in upgrade wizards of Install Tool
8b857d85f9 [FOLLOWUP][TASK] Squeeze every bit of performance from CGL fixer
307834e57f [BUGFIX] Extbase: Pass parameter to real raw queries
2a0866459f [BUGFIX] Ensure correct URL generation with http_build_query()
15dbdfa390 [BUGFIX] Properly escape &lt;&gt; in Install Tool Check.
7c8f5be963 [BUGFIX] Make encoding of parameters for cHash independent of PHP settings
50e3bad243 [BUGFIX] Explicit cast to string for VersionState object
6822f92938 [BUGFIX] Use correct constructor argument for TableDiff
48dddf0e79 [BUGFIX] Avoid DBAL\Exception on unknown data type in Install Tool
ff7036d949 [TASK] Re-enable passing tests in SchemaMigratorTest
971ae7f4e9 [TASK] Squeeze every bit of performance from CGL fixer
974e61a352 [TASK] Extract datahandling framework to testing-framework
f1a8595962 [TASK] Remove usage of PATH_typo3conf from ConfigurationManager
d43f18a6e3 [TASK] Acceptance test installing TYPO3 on mysql
6fe99bc887 [BUGFIX] Embed parameters in SQL fragment create by getSelectQuery
cd3733e7a1 [TASK] Minor CGL cleanup makes php-cs-fixer happy
c8f21dc9c6 [TASK] Update typo3/testing-framework to 1.0.6
4e22184c2f [CLEANUP] Review comment and sig of addMountPointParameterToPage()
74fe54c677 [TASK] Cleanup .gitignore components directory
86b39e84a1 [BUGFIX] Make sure relative URL receives a proper host part for errorpage
ed05d52178 [BUGFIX] Prevent duplicated special char in backend breadcrumb
3f5effaa61 [BUGFIX] Remove doubled SQL query in PageRepository
cde94b4b86 [BUGFIX] Page tree request in a workspaces times out
90078db394 [TASK] Streamline icons (order/style) in InlineRecordContainer
e3d973cba8 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong comment in TSFE for xhtmlDoctype property
0c3f35235b [BUGFIX] Render prepended option tag always in first place
843a5d5857 [BUGFIX] Typo3DBQueryParser fails to wrap subselect in braces
a819b1176d [TASK] Convert ViewHelpers to static calling
ef518718ca [BUGFIX] Use different field for logging in EXT:scheduler
506c379b4c [CLEANUP] Update comment of PageRepository::getMountPointInfo()
d8fd6028bc [TASK] Fix typo in documentation intent-left &gt; indent-left
f06bc763d4 [BUGFIX] Use EXEC_TIME for sys_log entry instead of time()
43b7459d79 [BUGFIX] Correct doctrine expression for perms_clause
dcd76ab228 [BUGFIX] EXT:beuser: Fix action icon (compare user)
7bf27e6087 [BUGFIX] Fix parse time calculation
a95b8a1c7e [BUGFIX] Fix minor ux issues in EXT:recycler
8aec03e2db [BUGFIX] Add `controlsList` as known additional attribute
582909b2c7 [TASK] Unit test fails with recent PHP releases
3573d80a86 [FEATURE] Introduce .typoscript file extension
3bca59d4bc [BUGFIX] Unset current file in generic Content Object Renderer
7162935762 [TASK] Introduce cache for readLLfile()
6e13bffdd2 [BUGFIX] Add UI blocker to prevent loading issues in FormEngine
bb571e8132 [BUGFIX] Let ElementInfo Template take care of proper title crop
17776e4853 [TASK] Throw explicit exception on missing link handler class
dca925ae26 [BUGFIX] Indexed Search should use FrontendRestrictionsContainer
e0b8226394 [TASK] Do not throw exception on unavailable APC(u) cache backend
73e7504353 [BUGFIX] Added missing workspace preview info
d949da95e9 [BUGFIX] Linkvalidator: Scheduler task not working correctly
564c71b5fd [BUGFIX] Respect link target for individual pages in menu generation
be170fb62e [BUGFIX] Set default root paths constants in Indexed Search
169982ce7c [TASK] Replace outdated nowrap attribute
c33dc1a2d5 [TASK] Cover getContentObject related methods by unit tests.
46450f90fc [TASK] Add unit test for Typolink resolveTargetAttribute
5a35cc7a7d [BUGFIX] Use DBAL Restrictions for index_config queries
643ac435da [BUGFIX] Use renderType selectSingle for field t3_tables of sys_action
004cdfffd7 [BUGFIX] Fix path to Header partial in Textmedia and Textpic
b821701419 [BUGFIX] Make DataHandler multibyte-safe
dd4b5f6c4c [BUGFIX] Ensure extractDottedPathToLastElement() always returns a string
227483f885 [BUGFIX] INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT condition use correct ConditionMatcher
e4fc1dc103 [TASK] travis-ci: Drop JS unit tests
5e679e9eb7 [TASK] EXT:scheduler:action icons and sorting
cf16649a0e [TASK] Improve BE description of mount point overlay
2a0d4a9944 [BUGFIX] Ensure Frontend User image update is not offered
80d436fdeb [DOC] Fix version number in documentation files
8c27876ab6 [BUGFIX] Do not sort tree nodes after each append
e283ca7817 [BUGFIX] Correct typos in AbstractPlugin::pi_list_browseresults()
4ecf1fd773 [BUGFIX] Add missing SQL index for EM repository update
22195c0bc2 [CLEANUP] Cleanup of method updateRefIndexTable
3ec2759255 [BUGFIX] Avoid exceptions during indexing with indexed_search
0aaa678118 [BUGFIX] Add `config.contentObjectExceptionHandler` to tsref.xml
f187f59964 [BUGFIX] Ignore open_basedir warning for files outside the website root
ed8c7bd7a0 [TASK] Show copy and cut buttons in filelist options
4e505b77e9 [TASK] Resolve empty table row issue
e617abdb77 [BUGFIX] Catch SQL Errors in SysRefindexHashUpdater
8b2958343b [BUGFIX] Allow arbitrary protocols in new LinkService
6f3343c93a [TASK] Remove unused property &quot;cache_getRootline&quot; in PageRepository
25c239914d [BUGFIX] allow deletion folder with deleted references to files
d0ae472340 [TASK] Info Pagetree Overview spaces between icons and text
b09978eb34 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] LinkService must handle old ?id=xyz links
e8fff954ad [BUGFIX] Use absolute URL for avatars
1ca2e47f98 [BUGFIX] Ensure tables already processed are skipped when resuming upgrade
272a867052 [BUGFIX] Fix typo in sys_registry key for fetching last wizard position
4c9df54aa8 [BUGFIX] Load PageTSconfig in localconf for LinkHandler
047b5bbb38 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - let the CountValidator provide its arguments
364475873a [BUGFIX] Use correct field `fe_group` instead of non-existent `fe_groups`
4fb8deaf28 [BUGFIX] CKEditor: Configuration properties not translatable
f989aa056f [BUGFIX] Load requireJS when requested
bab006b58c [TASK] Code and comment clean up
607b14e96a [BUGFIX] Remove wrong usage of PageRepository-&gt;error_getRootLine_failPid
554bb11e9e [TASK] Update comments in ExtensionManagementUtility
bd869967d3 [BUGFIX] Initialize pagesTSconfig for link handler in FE
c9d6c46e9c [TASK] Set Fluid cache backend to SimpleFileBackend
523e7eed0f [BUGFIX] LinkService must handle old ?id=xyz links
0c1ef30667 [BUGFIX] Properly set format of StandaloneView
9d1fe92f85 [TASK] Add PAGES_TYPES to configuration view
cfc31c2a0b [TASK] Switch to chrome in ac tests
8631f14b71 [BUGFIX] Jasmine update triggers JS test fails
54b24c9eca [BUGFIX] Install Tool: Handle PCRE errors in row updater
f9fbc3a678 [BUGFIX] Do not ask for current password if admin
5cd88a38ae [BUGFIX] Use real BE user for logging user setting changes
e96d50cb39 [BUGFIX] Do not override global BE_USER for user settings simulation
3ea1a07d5d [BUGFIX] Remove horizontal scrollbar
ef665e933b [BUGFIX] Remove some outdated keys from tokenizetyposcript.js
c5d3ae9843 [TASK] Add new bootstrap-slider version
ee9ad0123c [BUGFIX] Use correct TypoScriptService in ClickEnlargeViewHelper
f6e550f9e1 [BUGFIX] Ensure Install Tool is not using a deprecated property
94c4c7d34c [TASK] Update typo3/testing-framework from 1.0.1 to 1.0.5
6eb73dfbe7 [BUGFIX] Replace old optionSplit method calls
93d314e264 [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 8.7.2-dev

Package Signatures

TYPO3 Release Packages (the downloadable tarballs and zip files) as well as Git tags are signed using PGP signatures during the automated release process. Besides that, MD5 and SHA2-256 hashes are being generated for these files. Find more details on verifying signatures and hashes in the infrastructure guide.

Download GPG signed release README.md file

Example of verifying integrity of tar.gz package of current release:

wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/8.7.2/tar.gz
wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/8.7.2/tar.gz.sig
gpg --verify typo3_src-8.7.2.tar.gz.sig typo3_src-8.7.2.tar.gz