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Version 8.7.20

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Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 8.7.20

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 8.7.20 which was released on 30.10.2018.

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This version is a bugfix and maintenance release.

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Checksums of TYPO3 8.7.20


b33d49d2c20c247c16be5fef36c714dde054a138a17687f3b992225797de7b77 typo3_src-8.7.20.tar.gz
084f3edaa29088c78e1de43b2ef9492936579df79f165c0992caf55e3c6426d9 typo3_src-8.7.20.zip


6bc9a03746a3f5367eea46b026be311ffadc8a41 typo3_src-8.7.20.tar.gz
350108e8ab70a38f4c2eb5aea99a17c6584d8f0d typo3_src-8.7.20.zip


eac6d165d07d8f47e75bb1a5a5af21f6 typo3_src-8.7.20.tar.gz
9bf7776b267e50da70db9e47306fc475 typo3_src-8.7.20.zip

Package Signatures

TYPO3 Release Packages (the downloadable tarballs and zip files) as well as Git tags are signed using PGP signatures during the automated release process. Besides that, MD5 and SHA2-256 hashes are being generated for these files. Find more details on verifying signatures and hashes in the infrastructure guide.

Download GPG signed release README.md file

Example of verifying integrity of tar.gz package of current release:

wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/8.7.20/tar.gz
wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/8.7.20/tar.gz.sig
gpg --verify typo3_src-8.7.20.tar.gz.sig typo3_src-8.7.20.tar.gz


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary. It might be required to clear all caches; the "important actions" section in the TYPO3 Install Tool offers the accordant possibility to do so.


Here is a list of what was fixed since 8.7.19:

  • 2018-10-30 0912c2e6f6 [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 8.7.20 (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2018-10-30 e2f13be73b [BUGFIX] Re-build backend.css (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-30 2b59e40d85 [TASK] Use typo3/phar-stream-wrapper package (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2018-10-29 c7623d4b62 [BUGFIX] Render correct paging label (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2018-10-29 d4bdb02b9e [BUGFIX] Pass record info when determining defaultUploadFolder in FileBrowser (thanks to Frans Saris)
  • 2018-10-29 c0b6023df7 [BUGFIX] Add url for linkToTop in css_styled_content (thanks to Joerg Kummer)
  • 2018-10-28 1398fe40e8 [BUGFIX] Allow unicode characters in verifyFileNameAgainstDenyPattern (thanks to Pascal Rinker)
  • 2018-10-28 ef2160bc6e [BUGFIX] Pass FlexForm context to USER display condition (thanks to Nicole Cordes)
  • 2018-10-28 ed43dbe7c7 [BUGFIX] Registration of multiple additional view models (thanks to Ralf Zimmermann)
  • 2018-10-28 daa7939724 [BUGFIX] Correctly resolve parameter for USER display condition (thanks to Nicole Cordes)
  • 2018-10-28 26bf1e7065 [BUGFIX] BE checkFullLanguagesAccess check all translated records (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-28 64664892bd [TASK] Use different placeholder than ### (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-28 7b7d69891f [TASK] Fix continue-statement inside a switch-block (thanks to Stefan Neufeind)
  • 2018-10-28 05ffc7563d [BUGFIX] Keep update button in linkbrowser for RTE CKEditor on edit (thanks to Joerg Kummer)
  • 2018-10-28 278d6808c9 [BUGFIX] Fix the extbase CoreCommand with lowest requirements (thanks to Oliver Klee)
  • 2018-10-28 82689e2da4 [BUGFIX] Process large list of hashes in chunks updating reference index (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-28 187528f489 [TASK] Performance optimizations for the form manager module (thanks to Ralf Zimmermann)
  • 2018-10-28 cb7a518701 [BUGFIX] Correctly resolve parent folder in AbstractHierarchicalFilesystemDriver (thanks to Nicole Cordes)
  • 2018-10-28 06bd47293e [BUGFIX] Catch Exceptions in RTE with invalid links (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-28 15cbbd7fa8 [BUGFIX] Allow more tags when no RTE processing is available (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-28 e98c249678 [BUGFIX] Respect saveDocNew TSConfig option (thanks to Susanne Moog)
  • 2018-10-28 2742ea30b3 [BUGFIX] Adjust headline decoration in documentation file (thanks to Anja)
  • 2018-10-28 01cd2d1066 [TASK] Have LF line endings for .sh scripts in .gitattributes (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-27 574914eb1e [BUGFIX] Linkvalidator validates linked content elements (thanks to Patrick Broens)
  • 2018-10-27 016a3145ec [BUGFIX] EvaluteDisplayCondition should throw proper error message (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-27 b8b7bc182b [TASK] Streamline EM dependency resolving (thanks to Josef Glatz)
  • 2018-10-27 7c8bc1c851 [BUGFIX] Allow relative URLs in locationHeaderUrl (thanks to Susanne Moog)
  • 2018-10-27 9447692d93 [BUGFIX] Recover switched items in maxitems=1 selectMultipleSideBySide (thanks to Kevin von Spiczak)
  • 2018-10-27 59ed7aa929 [BUGFIX] Prevent null value being passed to hash_equals (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-27 9d16ddb5da [BUGFIX] Remove surrounding &nsbp; in the tables with ol or ul in CKEditor (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-10-26 3fd51ccde5 [BUGFIX] Avoid exception of renderType selectCheckBox in workspace (thanks to Alexey Atsyn)
  • 2018-10-26 41b6be1594 [BUGFIX] CleanerTask processes all FileResource Fields (thanks to Sven Jürgens)
  • 2018-10-25 c8840e8b3a [BUGFIX] Register "then"/"else" in IfHasRoleViewHelper again (thanks to Mathias Brodala)
  • 2018-10-24 7666a39be3 [TASK] Update php-cs-fixer configuration to exclude _generated directory (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • 2018-10-23 ed8e0c62a1 [BUGFIX] Remove fbclid argument from chash calculation (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2018-10-20 2bcdda6986 [TASK] Update Build/yarn.lock (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-17 ffbfd77d9d [TASK] Enable v8 acceptance testing again (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-16 5dda3bc5af [TASK] Activate bamboo nightly mssql functional tests (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-12 a77cba4b85 [BUGFIX] Use correct variable name in OnlineMedia.js (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-10-11 f4102ffe6a [BUGFIX] Correct inline foreign_unique with target type="group" handling (thanks to Cyril Janody)
  • 2018-10-11 58321861dd [BUGFIX] pages.content_from_pid suggest wizard should not suggest itself (thanks to Josef Glatz)
  • 2018-10-11 d6103581cd [BUGFIX] Let FileBrowser render the readable directory path (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2018-10-10 7312202028 [BUGFIX] Do not cache content with different status code than 200 (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • 2018-10-03 9ac29830b7 [TASK] Update typo3/class-alias-loader from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-01 d8cde0e79f [TASK] Sync .rst changes from master down to v8 and v7 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-10-01 747566316e [BUGFIX] Ensure Uri->getQuery() always returns a string (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • 2018-09-30 7c17361446 [BUGFIX] Do not trigger tooltip automatically after hide/unhide (thanks to Frank Naegler)
  • 2018-09-30 89ed2e4930 [BUGFIX] Respect mountpoint variable in cObj menu runtime cache (thanks to Sascha Egerer)
  • 2018-09-29 c50894c274 [BUGFIX] Remove tooltip over delete button when it's clicked (thanks to Nikita Hovratov)
  • 2018-09-29 76c2510a15 [BUGFIX] Resolve correct processed folder when on different storage (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • 2018-09-28 038ea9a25d [BUGFIX] Use correct icon for editing query in ActionTask (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-09-28 12d7a7af07 [TASK] Improve styling of infobox in ImageManipulationElement (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • 2018-09-28 5ccb11cd76 [BUGFIX] Register FileBrowser for file_reference mode (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-09-28 3363e417f9 [BUGFIX] Respect "disablePrependAtCopy" during translation (thanks to Gianluigi Martino)
  • 2018-09-28 888cedcfe9 [BUGFIX] VimeoRenderer render private links (thanks to Guido Schmechel)
  • 2018-09-28 445afda7cd [BUGFIX] pages.shortcut suggest wizard should not suggest itself (thanks to Josef Glatz)
  • 2018-09-27 f7a1c38568 [BUGFIX] Use correct column order in override dialog (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2018-09-27 9476f55277 [BUGFIX] Ensure connection can be established multiple times (thanks to Nicole Cordes)
  • 2018-09-27 8a88049490 [BUGFIX] Prevent closing a record after changes made with „toggle all“ (thanks to Josef Glatz)
  • 2018-09-24 f0e6bb74ea [TASK] Use dark sorting icon in filelist module (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • 2018-09-24 17a1661145 [TASK] Stabilize Extbase tests on PostgreSQL (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-09-21 9089da606e [TASK] Provide more tests for Extbase rendering in languages (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-09-21 ea0ed03d4a [TASK] Extend blog_example with relations (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-09-20 4a6f64b5bb [BUGFIX] Fetch configuration of FlexForm fields in edit wizard (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-09-20 ea4d4f95e2 [TASK] Update styleguide to 8.0.15 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-09-19 8eba9fa506 [BUGFIX] Handle formEngine add wizard select in flex forms (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-09-18 3655488725 [BUGFIX] Add missing language file for ContextMenu (thanks to Stefan Froemken)
  • 2018-09-18 139ff87348 [BUGFIX] Fix casting in GalleryProcessing data processor (thanks to Thomas)
  • 2018-09-17 d0f85947eb [BUGFIX] Omit checkbox for unselectable tree items (thanks to Sebastian Michaelsen)
  • 2018-09-10 6391268596 [TASK] Add functional tests for copying a record into another language (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2018-09-10 f7f331d94d [BUGFIX] Use 403 header instead of 401 header (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • 2018-09-08 1e149b849e [BUGFIX] Trim search value in live search (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • 2018-09-07 4b4cd430d1 [BUGFIX] Prevent crash in DatabaseIntegrityCheck (thanks to Anja)
  • 2018-09-04 df663b3d8e [BUGFIX] Template module must respect workspaces (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2018-09-04 c02fef8c6a [TASK] Wrap error UnknownElement with proper HTML (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • 2018-09-03 46fa87b65e [TASK] Synchronize 8.x master .rst files to v8 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-09-03 e31bbbbae5 [TASK] Synchronize 7.x master .rst files to v8 and v7 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2018-09-03 ba913231db [BUGFIX] Only unlock records in BE user log off functionality (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2018-09-03 90352bb0ed [BUGFIX] Resolve workspace records for template module overview (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2018-09-02 b0fbfa87b6 [BUGFIX] Use runtime cache for getIndpEnv() for results which are NULL (thanks to Michael Stucki)
  • 2018-09-02 b99e73498c [BUGFIX] Detect current ImageMagick Version 7 for Windows. (thanks to Michael Kersten)
  • 2018-09-01 76e867b897 [TASK] typo3/testing-framework now flushes runtime caches (thanks to Michael Stucki)
  • 2018-09-01 a4b14b9e5b [TASK] Single slashes for classes in form docs (thanks to Simon Schaufelberger)
  • 2018-08-30 ea18145bd0 [BUGFIX] Fix paste button in page module with mode "languages" (thanks to Manuel Selbach)
  • 2018-08-29 a4ed400b65 [TASK] Mention table and record uid in DataHandler localize command log (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-08-27 30b1ab6a27 [BUGFIX] Use namespaced class name for blog_example fe_users subclass (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • 2018-08-27 5f4ec3a2e1 [TASK] Fix typo and add example for requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments (thanks to andypa)
  • 2018-08-25 ecda10ac37 [BUGFIX] Throw exception in case FileWriter's logFile is invalid (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2018-08-25 f0884db41c [BUGFIX] Use correct image references for LiveDefaultElements (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • 2018-08-23 0bc8754782 [BUGFIX] UnableToLinkException::getLinkText() must be of the type string, null returned (thanks to Gerald Aistleitner)
  • 2018-08-23 e8b3918dba [BUGFIX] Add white-space to CSS class in FieldControl (thanks to Stefan Froemken)
  • 2018-08-22 e854d6acd4 [BUGFIX] Show correct example in comment block of SaveToDatabaseFinisher (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • 2018-08-21 66282d21db [BUGFIX] Use extension key instead of an array for data reload (thanks to Stephan Großberndt)
  • 2018-08-21 f33b55a8b6 [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 8.7.20-dev (thanks to Oliver Hader)