TYPO3 8.7.9

Release Notes

Version 8.7.9

This version is not supported anymore.

The TYPO3 CMS community supported from 2017-04-04 until 2020-03-31. Extended security & compatibility support (ELTS) expired on 2024-03-31.

Please consider updating to a newer version.

Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 8.7.9

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 8.7.9 which was released on December 12th, 2017.


This version is a maintenance release and contains bug fixes only.



SHA256 checksums

bfccc7194b2ed9378699a760797fa2d129119abcb7f00a4be8b3233eabb86da0  typo3_src-8.7.9.tar.gz
9aeedb9f3c52bd982839f095bcc0d244c81484dafa3fb971dfdfaf428c492110  typo3_src-8.7.9.zip


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.\ It might be required to clear all caches; the “important actions” section in the TYPO3 Install Tool offers the accordant possibility to do so.


Here is a list of what was fixed since [8.7.8](TYPO3_CMS_8.7.8 "wikilink"):

  • 50b5da136e [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 8.7.9
  • 4300c3875e [BUGFIX] Make daterange filtering in EXT:belog work again
  • 2d541bac3d [BUGFIX] Make recycler PHP 7.2 compatible
  • 63d49e9267 [BUGFIX] Do not reprocess image preview when empty configuration is passed
  • 4fa52c7942 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - resolve numeric values in finishers
  • 4624a6aa09 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] EXT:form - handle boolean finisher options
  • 49b63d9364 [TASK] Set composer config platform.php 7.0.0
  • ffc526d213 [TASK] EXT:form - improve width of form editor stage
  • 3226bd4957 [BUGFIX] Use correct path variable on Windows
  • 8dcad8132a [BUGFIX] Linkhandler - access to data outside editors pagetree
  • 70a08d8997 [BUGFIX] Show information if access is not allowed in element information
  • 4360ef0c06 [BUGFIX] Consider property clean if lazy loaded proxy is untouched
  • f4521129f3 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Make category tree filterable for editors
  • 50909aae4e [BUGFIX] Make Toolbar scrollable if there are too many Pagetypes
  • b662e891c1 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - respect class for file upload field
  • 574ec3fecf [TASK] Allow Symfony 4 as constraint for composer
  • 3050faa205 [BUGFIX] Access Close.html from Resources/Public/Html/
  • 899fb8191c [BUGFIX] Clarify the affected classes and methods in rst file
  • aa80bd8e8d [BUGFIX] Add affected class name to method deprecation
  • 72b5ce6260 [BUGFIX] Mention correct class and function in rst file
  • 2abb8579ff [BUGFIX] Fix invalid type hints in EXT:form&#039;s file upload converter
  • 5a01dca355 [BUGFIX] Use given redirectUrl in „list“ wizard, if available
  • b1f7a611ad [BUGFIX] EXT:form - Cover empty strings for &quot;skipIfValueIsEmpty&quot;
  • 90124f9e29 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] EXT:form - Cover empty strings for &quot;skipIfValueIsEmpty&quot;
  • c03e4d77e9 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - merge properties with configuration settings
  • 1b9ab22924 [BUGFIX] Add missing backslashes to class name in rst file
  • ea19fd5cc2 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - show message if a form could not be saved
  • 051ae1df0a [BUGFIX] Correct method name in documentation file
  • ef7c5a4ccf [TASK] Adjust loading animation of modal windows
  • 42fd719660 [BUGFIX] Require mail subject in finisher overrides
  • 53e4f56a70 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - allow field options translation by type
  • 0ccf07d7f3 [BUGFIX] Properly escape &quot;dropzone-target&quot; selector in DragUploader.js
  • 16fcdd408c [BUGFIX] Correct wrong class names in deprecation.rst
  • 15f1da0a44 [BUGFIX] Output correct max upload size
  • f345446561 [BUGFIX] Wording 78169-IntroduceTranslationSourceFieldForTt_content.rst
  • b454ba65a4 [CLEANUP] Add class-imports in Extbase Persistence classes
  • 27733ad679 [TASK] bamboo: Include php 7.2 in test suite
  • e31106f29f [TASK] ext_emconf.php, composer.json: Allow PHP 7.2
  • 5654fb6301 [TASK] Raise testing-framework to 1.2.2
  • f2bb18d2ca [BUGFIX] Use of undefined constant E_DEBUG
  • c934f5a764 [BUGFIX] Incomplete mock in AbstractViewHelperTest
  • da6fd1f547 [BUGFIX] PreparedStatement: count() must be an array or countable
  • 1b11b369bb [BUGFIX] ContentObjectRendereTest: Undefined constant NL
  • 23f8bd7f2d [BUGFIX] Implicit constant to string cast in unit test case
  • 523f6ce4de [TASK] Re-add autolinking RTE feature in CKeditor
  • 71cdfeffac [BUGFIX] Fix injured workspace encapsulation in record localize summary.
  • 86481c37b0 [BUGFIX] Make quoting of SQL fragments in TCA possible
  • 5b4e54a7b2 [BUGFIX] Fix language of placeholder for relations
  • 87f6765466 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Preview information should not conflict with frontend layout
  • ac6519f5f1 [BUGFIX] Handle docroot relative paths correctly in ResourceCompressor
  • b2bd51f9da [BUGFIX] Return null value instead of string &#039;NULL&#039;
  • 6f3fa75806 [BUGFIX] Properly handle flexform related exceptions
  • f1a0f80356 [BUGFIX] Clarify description of FE|sessionDataLifetime
  • aa3ad5a5db [BUGFIX] Apply correct button styles on EDITPANEL for pages
  • 395e434f1d [TASK] Use $pathsToProvideInTestInstance in functional import tests
  • 9102e98cf3 [BUGFIX] Ignore translations from other workspaces
  • 0e9c009f9e [BUGFIX] Determine Chinese simplified Han &quot;Accept-Language&quot; header
  • 61c7756867 [BUGFIX] Ensure all sys_file_metadata TCA columns have a config section
  • 301e3f40f0 [BUGFIX] Preview information should not conflict with frontend layout
  • 24a16f9a7e [BUGFIX] Prevent catchable error during workspace publishing
  • 016054de8a [TASK] Log warning on invalid charset
  • 09945032e4 [TASK] Add missing delete button for Documentation
  • fbd1d72a06 [BUGFIX] Disable column sys_file_reference.sorting
  • 93b720d408 [BUGFIX] Also show port when trustedHosts pattern mismatches
  • 7eda1b6ebe [TASK] Install Tool: Display a warning if PHP fileinfo extension is not loaded
  • 1d63c773f6 [BUGFIX] Check simplexml return type in ImageInfo
  • bb39b2263a [BUGFIX] Set correct HTTP header when page access is denied
  • 15f066161b [BUGFIX] Disable edit of file metadata without translation
  • e8fbcb4c53 [CLEANUP] Move rst changelog docs into correct folder
  • 6b2addc4b2 [BUGFIX] Use correct language file in element information popup
  • 3cd59bc301 [BUGFIX] Make category tree filterable for editors with category mounts
  • bef9a79919 [BUGFIX] Validate page error handler result to report wrong configuration
  • c75083c535 [BUGFIX] IRRE actions should render error messages from DataHandler
  • 4228c7c5b0 [BUGFIX] Catch Exception while extracting metadata
  • b5c25e9d56 [BUGFIX] Don&#039;t show “cut” and “cut release” at the same time
  • ed4e460124 [TASK] Visual tweak of &quot;SelectMultipleSideBySideElement&quot;
  • ed57eb535a [BUGFIX] Correctly resolve dots inside flexform field names
  • d94eab5903 [BUGFIX] Prepared statement contains too many placeholders
  • f48f858645 [BUGFIX] Add missing initialization of GraphicalFunctions
  • d79d41884d [BUGFIX] Colorpicker in irre records
  • ac3e12db5c [BUGFIX] Fix editing a FileStorage from FileTree on PostgreSQL
  • 589372b9da [BUGFIX] Send correct Cache-Control header if no client side caching
  • 9de7f844d7 [BUGFIX] fix missing l18n fields in blog tag table
  • 58b23c62a0 [TASK] Use proper PHPdoc type annotations in Extbase error layer
  • b11bdc1003 [TASK] Ensure introduction package is properly installed
  • 5bbc95404b [CLEANUP] Alwas put null at the last position
  • 0e2f39d76e [BUGFIX] bamboo: Label parsing
  • 797b862f12 [CLEANUP] The correct case must be used for standard PHP types in phpdoc
  • 3b7c06e3b9 [FEATURE] Introduce Yarn and fix dependency handling and downgrade some libs
  • e950ebedb9 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Fix some PHP Notices thrown rendering page module
  • 414a4d744f [TASK] Show allowed media sources in &quot;Add media by URL&quot; modal
  • 690204a3f4 [BUGFIX] Fix some PHP Notices thrown when rendering page module
  • 6b46e14f73 [BUGFIX] Fix broken back button in EXT:form
  • 379f063521 [BUGFIX] Use correct runtime cache identifier for locked records
  • b48e1973d1 [BUGFIX] Page tree nodes can be (un)mounted again
  • 78e5761247 [BUGFIX] backend formfields: Make boolean fields UI working in Edge/IE
  • 393bc3f6c1 [BUGFIX] Fix thrown \InvalidArgumentException in access module
  • 02303de415 [BUGFIX] Fix sorting extensions in &quot;Get Extensions&quot; module
  • c304e745bf [BUGFIX] GIFBUILDER files cannot be delivered via web server
  • a2892653c1 [BUGFIX] Reload page tree if extendToSubpagesflag changes\
  • f3a43aea5b [BUGFIX] Prevent javascript error in backend
  • 9e4f48e668 [TASK] Example for a RTE Flexform config after migration
  • 3aee4f3526 [BUGFIX] Fix class name of success button in the install tool
  • e121b779e8 [BUGFIX] ConstantEditor: Make boolean fields UI working in Edge/IE
  • 33bc57127d [BUGIFX] Fix JS error in filtering page tree
  • f6de7c8496 [BUGFIX] use included TSconfig files in frontend
  • fe0de963e3 [BUGFIX] Add correct conversion of RTE pageTS config
  • 308af12b65 [BUGFIX] Fix notices in UserAuthentication
  • 693f270e18 [BUGFIX] Set l10n_state before synchronizing fields
  • 2abc42447b [BUGFIX] Fix keepItems and removeItems handling with 0 values
  • 5657d12b2a [FOLLOWUP][TASK] FAL-based database fields moved to integer
  • 4df710e11d [BUGFIX] Avoid invalid references in DataMapProcessor
  • 17ad2f310b [BUGFIX] Use correct parameters for trimExplode
  • 766290b260 [BUGFIX] Remove &quot;[newlog()] &quot; from DataHandler log info
  • 25ccdf9c2d [BUGFIX] Fix allowLanguageSynchronization on pages_language_overlay
  • dd4cf17251 [BUGFIX] FileStorageExtractionTask breaks if file not found
  • 6c4f06a10f [TASK] Allow all fields in felogin hook &quot;forgotPasswordMail&quot;
  • 6255fc5e32 [BUGFIX] Stabilize Language Acceptance tests
  • b7d0353f2e [BUGFIX] Handle variadic arguments in Extbase DebuggerUtility
  • 8e10748487 [BUGFIX] Add label to page ID field in PageLinkHandler
  • 30b633ca85 [BUGFIX] Add FLUIDTEMPLATE to t3editor code completion
  • 77cc3742c4 [TASK] Upgrade chromedriver to 2.33
  • 0759379c72 [BUGFIX] Fix multi-checkbox/radiobox labels for values containing dots
  • 6c60d6b97f [BUGFIX] Improve performance iterating local files
  • d604511fc7 [BUGFIX] Fix path-resolution for template-resource in EXT:felogin
  • b268f001ba [BUGFIX] Add missing code-block:: php line in feature rst file
  • 0d3afdfc1c [TASK] EXT:form - cache merged YAML settings
  • 8b2dd6f1b4 [BUGFIX] Show deleted page actions in record history
  • 8766f3674e [TASK] Add Fluid expressions and pre-processors global config
  • 3e871f80be [TASK] Update typo3/cms-composer-installers
  • 4cad2c4a1d [TASK] Update ext:styleguide to 8.0.13
  • 5b40db8e5f [BUGFIX] TcaMigration should not skip on existing overrideChildTca
  • d4e7f31aaf [BUGFIX] Add workspace overlay for translated page title
  • 15b4b9a7bd [TASK] Filter duplicate cache commands from CacheQueue
  • ce60414e95 [BUGFIX] Element file browser respects allowedExtensions
  • 1b891d618a [BUGFIX] Fix PHP Notices in cached ext_localconf.php
  • fd15f48425 [TASK] Update typo3/cms-composer-installers
  • 3ace41857e [BUGFIX] Replace forgotten back button to new button API
  • d8de96e523 [TASK] Refactor implementation of PaginateWidget
  • 9ac932c546 [TASK] Add parameter gclid to excludedParameters for cHash generation
  • e42ca813c4 Revert &quot;[BUGFIX] Set _localizedUid in OriginColumnName&quot;
  • a3fcf6d6da [BUGFIX] FormEngine: returnUrl handling in inline
  • f4eb582964 [BUGFIX] Handle returnUrl for access module
  • 8a97df2219 [BUGFIX] Access module preselects owner/group when changed via AJAX
  • 3d03fc2891 [BUGFIX] Set _localizedUid in OriginColumnName
  • ae6d0ad594 [BUGFIX] Catch UnknownLinkHandlerException in InputLinkElement
  • 0b7c8667dc [BUGFIX] Fix foreign_table_where GROUP BY handling
  • 9be1ac9295 [BUGFIX] Flexform Form ID should not contain brackets
  • 2f8e1991bf [BUGFIX] Fix usages of config.additionalHeaders
  • 2823bef08d [BUGFIX] Ensure correct page is selected in page tree
  • 3a9441dc16 [TASK] Add .tsconfig files to .editorconfig
  • acf7272197 [BUGFIX] Only fetch fileReferences from localized table if column exist
  • ebb10866ab [BUGFIX] Avoid race condition in JS Icon API
  • 6d3286b5a9 [BUGFIX] Allow multiline strings in foreign_table_where
  • a2bca832f0 [BUGFIX] Do not force content_fallback to default page language
  • 0e0ee80a93 [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] Allow longer file-endings in typoscript directory includes
  • 0a7046cb7d [BUGFIX] Allow setting translateToMessage to empty
  • 0fdfb0d0d6 [TASK] Remove documentation of borderCol
  • 6aefb59ce8 [BUGFIX] MenuProcessor doesn&#039;t accept necessary sub keys
  • 060c94e736 [TASK] Update Symfony packages to latest releases
  • 9088894770 [BUGFIX] Allow longer file-endings in typoscript directory includes
  • 8b6d344278 [TASK] Extend WorkspaceServiceTests for fetchPagesWithVersionsInTable
  • fb8c1dd2cb [TASK] Show upload files button in filelist options if folder
  • cc047a7986 [BUGFIX] Add renderType to select
  • d1526ffdab [TASK] Update friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer to latest version
  • f3495a7ef4 [BUGFIX] EXT:indexed_search: Dont add stat record for empty search
  • b0d9f03bc9 [BUGFIX] Remove style attribute in LiveSearch
  • 3d25dc858f [BUGFIX] Make ReferenceIndex caching optional
  • a448b4130d [BUGFIX] CKEditor: Make link editable
  • f8aa965b95 [BUGFIX] Update tstamp on inline relation addition
  • 7316340f64 [BUGFIX] Localization State does not properly sanitize and enrich
  • db43efd8d7 [BUGFIX] EXT:form - &quot;label&quot; is not set for the FormDefinition class
  • f081e3f15a [BUGFIX] Add parseFunc handling to pre tags
  • 141959de45 [BUGFIX] Refresh iconElement after its content has been replaced
  • 2af45fe8f3 [BUGFIX] CSC Header CE does not respect lib.parseTarget configuration
  • 4305c50517 [TASK] Show the &quot;Today&quot; button in DateTimePicker
  • b2638da5db [FOLLOWUP][BUGFIX] IRRE: Check if TCA[&#039;ctrl&#039;][&#039;languageField&#039;] is set
  • 4d048f8114 [BUGFIX] Context menu is not completely visible in filelist with scrollbar
  • b9d76b95c6 [BUGFIX] Resolve label in title attribute of ClearCacheToolbarItemSingle
  • e0676626f3 [BUGFIX] Configuration-&gt;&quot;Use regular expression&quot;
  • 91923b8aa3 [BUGFIX] Properly detect record link dialog tab
  • 3d859316b1 [BUGFIX] Use correct path for test images in install tool
  • dc80c2127f [BUGFIX] Correct fixture for metadata in impexp functional tests
  • 76edbfdb7e [BUGFIX] Set correct image dimensions in impexp fixture data
  • 94f4420bcd [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 8.7.9-dev

Package Signatures

TYPO3 Release Packages (the downloadable tarballs and zip files) as well as Git tags are signed using PGP signatures during the automated release process. Besides that, MD5 and SHA2-256 hashes are being generated for these files. Find more details on verifying signatures and hashes in the infrastructure guide.

Download GPG signed release README.md file

Example of verifying integrity of tar.gz package of current release:

wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/8.7.9/tar.gz
wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/8.7.9/tar.gz.sig
gpg --verify typo3_src-8.7.9.tar.gz.sig typo3_src-8.7.9.tar.gz