TYPO3 9.5.25

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Version 9.5.25

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The TYPO3 CMS community supported from 2018-10-02 until 2021-09-30.
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Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 9.5.25

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 9.5.25 which was released on 16.03.2021.

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Checksums of TYPO3 9.5.25


8a55078049465f25a8c755fc46768e09c00e1a0b101aa88ad8cd8794ba0e59d3 typo3_src-9.5.25.tar.gz
441bc645bc8bff30288c8fe19d3563bf30b6d21e50b67d797caf31b3c57fd0a0 typo3_src-9.5.25.zip


eec71e3060302c1f4038e163f0b7e5ea2557eb96 typo3_src-9.5.25.tar.gz
c93ec8045569a01fb4213819f2b22274593390ea typo3_src-9.5.25.zip


78c4502dd023c3455d7359b8cf6fcac5 typo3_src-9.5.25.tar.gz
fbeed318f2e8d29b533c34afcc6fff19 typo3_src-9.5.25.zip

Package Signatures

TYPO3 Release Packages (the downloadable tarballs and zip files) as well as Git tags are signed using PGP signatures during the automated release process. Besides that, MD5 and SHA2-256 hashes are being generated for these files. Find more details on verifying signatures and hashes in the infrastructure guide.

Download GPG signed release README.md file

Example of verifying integrity of tar.gz package of current release:

wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/9.5.25/tar.gz
wget --content-disposition https://get.typo3.org/9.5.25/tar.gz.sig
gpg --verify typo3_src-9.5.25.tar.gz.sig typo3_src-9.5.25.tar.gz


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary. It might be required to clear all caches; the "important actions" section in the TYPO3 Install Tool offers the accordant possibility to do so.


Here is a list of what was fixed since 9.5.24:

  • 2021-03-16 98b19b1727 [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 9.5.25 (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2021-03-16 1d0abfa046 [SECURITY] Mitigate XSS in PreviewRenderer for menus (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • 2021-03-16 62b218c024 [SECURITY] Avoid storing plain session identifier in $USER->uc (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2021-03-16 198859662b [SECURITY] Add cache for error page handling (thanks to Frank Naegler)
  • 2021-03-16 46266e6016 [SECURITY] Validate allowed values for form element editors (thanks to Ralf Zimmermann)
  • 2021-03-16 66b75cecab [SECURITY] Mitigate directly accessible file upload in form framework (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2021-03-16 a1b09aaa51 [SECURITY] Prevent urls starting with // to be used for redirects (thanks to Torben Hansen)
  • 2021-03-15 881ead9678 [TASK] Replace wiki links by documentation links (thanks to Alexander Nitsche)
  • 2021-03-12 cf18b1dc0b [TASK] Update CKEditor to 4.16.0 (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • 2021-03-11 6715ff9279 [BUGFIX] Fix serialization of FileReference objects (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • 2021-03-11 6148170771 [TASK] Initialize & cleanup environment in test cases (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-03-11 2d41669198 [TASK] Initialize & cleanup FrontendLoginControllerTest environment (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2021-03-04 9b9b3857a2 [DOCS] Fix broken cross reference to changelog entry (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • 2021-02-28 279e41b74a [TASK] Default retry for GitlabCI test jobs (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • 2021-02-27 be94716dea [TASK] Deal with xdebug 3 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-27 662d6af019 [TASK] Drop an always skipped unit test (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-26 c4e71261c5 [TASK] gitlab-ci nightly slack notification (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-24 4eee7f08d1 [TASK] Do not require sudo mode in development context (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • 2021-02-17 964eeb20fe [TASK] Build / CI: Get all exception codes of TYPO3 on CLI (thanks to Alexander Nitsche)
  • 2021-02-17 5ddff8d94b [BUGFIX] Use site name rather than pageUid for calling context menu (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • 2021-02-15 7ae33021d9 [BUGFIX] runTests.sh: Fix macos user detection (thanks to Jochen Roth)
  • 2021-02-11 9ca731de06 [TASK] Add Build/gitlab-ci.yml to v9 (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • 2021-02-10 4ea0adc496 [TASK] Update typo3/testing-framework to latest bugfix releases (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-10 fedfd85f25 [BUGFIX] Allow quoting in TypoScript's select for leftjoin & rightjoin (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • 2021-02-01 1963ee5964 [TASK] runTests.sh: Acceptance tests with mysql and postgres (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-01 a6ecc6c405 [TASK] runTests.sh: Switch to a new set of test images (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-01 21821f8d95 [TASK] Drop two unit tests that heavily rely on environment (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-01 3c52d828e7 [BUGFIX] Drop UFT-8 BOM on some files (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-02-01 7dfbfa1aad [TASK] runTests.sh: Minor cleanups (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-01-31 2f16ad1f54 [BUGFIX] Avoid double CSH wraps in linkvalidator tasks settings (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2021-01-26 a734dcb6f9 [TASK] runTests.sh: Add install on mysql and grunt clean check (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-01-26 d1242e69f8 [TASK] runTests.sh: composer & yarn caches in .cache/ dir (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-01-25 730385ea08 [TASK] runTests.sh: Allow chunking of acceptance and functional tasks (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-01-25 6df91f7d01 [TASK] runTests.sh: clean summary in verbose mode (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2021-01-20 8b0e90c9a4 [BUGFIX] Respect date aspect in PageRepository runtime cache (thanks to Richard Haeser)
  • 2021-01-16 aa948d653a [BUGFIX] Add focus to user confirmation password field (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • 2021-01-06 bb67fbf7cb [BUGFIX] Fix PHP warning on second call to reset password link (thanks to Stephan Großberndt)
  • 2021-01-04 595ca11a8a [BUGFIX] Fix image processing hint in install tool (thanks to Torben Hansen)
  • 2020-12-21 bd55644a93 [BUGFIX] Set timezone on TCA dbType input (thanks to Imko Schumacher)
  • 2020-12-20 6fddcabb8f [TASK] Drop travis-ci badge from README.md (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2020-12-16 df8f96e24c [TASK] Drop .travis.yml (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • 2020-12-15 72984f2d2f [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 9.5.25-dev (thanks to Benni Mack)